My inspiration – name by name

Most of all I get inspired by adorable people and now I am sharing with you something more about them.

This is the first post in my blog and it is not a coincidence that it’s about inspirational people. Thanks to them I developed my thinking, skills, qualities, some more empathy that I needed, but also I created a strong connection between my physical shape and mental principles, because when they are working together in the same direction I feel the biggest drive, that always leads me forward and pushes me further than I have ever expected.

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Me and my sister

It is no surprise that she is the first person on my list.
This is my amazing sister and one of the best strategy builders I have ever known! She has the ability to start any project she wants and develop it. Many people are in touch with her and many of them come to visit us with a notebook,  because her advises are great Рalways on the spot. She thought me many valuable things and the communication with her changed me so much. I started being well organized person, I learned how to create a clear structure toward my goals. She showed me, that everything is achievable and it is just a matter of time. You can check her portfolio and get more inspired  here.

DR. Elena Kiesling and Liane Weber

Elena Kiesling – one of the coolest people on Earth! Olympic beachvolley coach and sports scientist – this lady is so inspiring, I can barely describe anything about her! She and her partner Liane are developing project connected to physical training, coordination and mentality, revealing also the the personality type of units in a team and creating understanding between them. What could be better than knowing your team and being able to create perfect environment for all of them? Those two angels are able to do it in such a professional and at the same time caring way, that in the end people just feel happy! If you are interested in their project you can check here.

During the time I will just continue adding them one by one, because they are a lot!
Meanwhile if you’d like to get to know me better in a professional way – check my CV. Or else -see how am I developing myself as a human.